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DOI: 10.37897/RJPhP


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Metabolic and endocrine consequences of childhood obesity

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Introduction. Nowadays, childhood obesity is an epidemic problem with significant complications and it represents an important risk factor for adult morbidity and mortality.

Objectives. The authors of this study aimed to evaluate the pediatric patients diagnosed with obesity and their metabolic and endocrine complications.

Material and method. Obese patients (BMI > percentile 97%) admitted in 2012-2013 in 1st Pediatric Clinic, Timisoara were included in the study. They were examined clinically, anthropometric (weight, height, BMI and abdominal circumference), endocrine (cortisol, insulin, peptide C, TSH, vitamin D), metabolic (glucose, oral glucose tolerance test, Hb1c, lipids, HOMA index), abdominal ultrasound and DXA examination.

Results. We studied 112 patients aged 5 to 17 years (61.60% girls). OGTT was changed in 40.17% of cases and hyperinsulinemia has been described in 18.75% of children. 3 patients were diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome and 2 boys had Prader Willi syndrome. TSH level was increased in 40 children.

Changes of lipids were found in 22.32% of children. DXA examination revealed the presence of osteopenia in 3 patients, while 2 teenagers associated liver steatosis. Metformin was prescribed to children with insulin resistance (29).

Conclusions. Obesity in children is an important risk factor for diabetes and atherosclerosis of adult, fact that requires drastic sanction of it in childhood.

Keywords: obesity, children, complications

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