Romanian Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice | Vol. XIV, No. 3 (58), 2021
ISSN 2066-5563  |  e-ISSN 2069-6671
ISSN-L 2066-5563
DOI: 10.37897/RJPhP

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Afiliere | Affiliation:
Colegiul Farmaciştilor din România (CFR) | Romanian College of Pharmacists

Partners | Parteneri:
Asociaţia Medicală Română, Agenţia Naţională a Medicamentului şi a Dispozitivelor Medicale din România

Denumire pentru indexare | Indexing name: Ro J Pharm Pract.
Publisher: Editura Medicală Amaltea – România | Amaltea Medical Publishing House – Romania

ISSN: 2066-5563
eISSN: 2069-6671
ISSN-L: 2066-5563
Frecvența de apariție | Publication Frequency: 4 numere pe an, plus suplimente / 4 issues per year, plus supplements

Creditare Colegiul Farmaciştilor din România (CFR) | Accreditation of College of Romanian Pharmaceutists: 10 credite EFC*/abonament | 10 CPE* credits/subscription.
* EFC (educaţie farmaceutică continuă)  | CPE (continuing pharmaceutical education)

ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTICE (REVISTA PRACTICA FARMACEUTICĂ) addresses, through the topics, to the professionals in the field of pharmacy, as well as those in the medical field, with which it is desired to consolidate an interdisciplinary communication. The topics covered in the journal include studies and research in the field of pharmacy, press releases and informative materials on the legislation in force and the latest normative acts in the field of pharmaceutical products and their prescription, articles on nutrition and lifestyle, events in the field of medicine and pharmacy, milestones in the world history of medicine and pharmacy, as well as interviews with public persons working in the pharmaceutical industry or who may represent models of professionalism.

Through its activity, ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTICE (REVISTA PRACTICA FARMACEUTICĂ) makes a decisive contribution to the promotion of the pharmaceutical and medical activity, also contributing to the continuous pharmaceutical and medical education and ensuring the increase of the competence of the specialists, improving the pharmaceutical and medical practice, at the highest international standards.


ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTICE publishes original research papers, short communications and review articles from all fields of pharmaceutical sciences and related area, as well as from pharmaceutical practice.

The area of research papers, short communications and review articles the following fields are covered:

  1. Drug Development and Manufacturing: drug design, modelling, discovery, synthesis and analysis of biologically active substances; small molecules and as drug candidates; isolation and structure elucidation of natural substances as therapeutic tools; preformulation, formulation and pharmaceutical development of new dosage forms and medical devices; pharmaceutical process and engineering; nanomaterial and nanotechnology in drug delivery control and drug targeting; biotechnology and biopharmaceutics.
    Deputy Editors-in-Chief on this field: Prof. Pharm. Ioan TOMUTA, PhD
  1. Drug Action: physiological and biochemical effects of drugs on the body; drug–receptor interactions, biological targets and biomarkers; pharmacophore; molecular biology; biomolecules and natural products as therapeutic tools: pharmacological testing and clinical study; pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics; pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics; bioinformatics.
    Deputy Editors-in-Chief on this field: Prof. Pharm. Camil VARI, PhD
  1. Drug Analysis and Quality: analytical methods in drug discovery and characterization of new active substances; bioanalysis and pharmaceutical analyses; drug bioavailability and bioequivalence; drug quality control; process analytical technology; quality assurance in pharmaceutical; validation of analytical methods in pharmaceutical; quality of medicines of biological origin.
    Deputy Editors-in-Chief on this field: Lecturer Pharm. Liviu RUS, PhD
  1. Bioactive natural products: isolation, characterization, bioactivity, toxicity, quality control, standardization, applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields; food supplements; phytotherapy; ethnomedicine.
    Deputy Editors-in-Chief on this filed: Prof. Pharm. Anca MIRON, PhD
  1. General Pharmaceutical Practice: is covered by viewpoints and guidance articles on following subjects: professional regulations; public health policy; pharmaeconomy; community pharmacy practice; hospital pharmacy practice; pharmaceutical care and clinical pharmacy; industrial pharmacy practice; logistic and warehouses pharmacy practice; pharmaceutical education and training; healthcare related education and professional development; interprofessional learning; innovations in teaching and learning in pharmaceutical; proposals pharmacopoeia-monographs; proposals guidance for good pharmacy practice; release from National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Romania (ANMDR); book reviews; history of pharmacy.
    Deputy Editors-in-Chief on this field: Associate Prof. Pharm. Elena DINTE, PhD


I. Scientific review articles – 1 article / issue: 7-10 pages, in English
II. Original research papers – 4-8 articles / issue: 6-9 pages, in English
III. Short communications – 1-2 articles / issue (optional): 3-4 pages, in English
IV. Pharmaceutical practice - 1-2 articles / issue: 3-4 pages, in English / Romanian
V. Varia – usually 1 article viewpoints from journal’s partners and 1 guidance articles/ ANMDR release


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